WNY Alumni Drum and Bugle Corps announces new officers



JUL 25, 2017

Following the sad loss of their leader and Corps Director, Robert A. Teclaw, it was necessary for the Alumni Corps to appoint some new officers. The corps will continue to follow Teclaw’s vision as a family-style drum corps.

Business Manager Jack Kujawa added, “we’re all going to miss Bob’s direction. He was a great leader and a good friend of drum corps.

“Before Bob’s passing, we discussed who would best fill his position as corps director. Bob realized he couldn’t continue in that capacity much longer. He wanted someone who would keep the corps going in a positive direction. This was very important to Bob. After a short discussion, we both felt David Fridmann was our man. We talked to Dave and he accepted the challenge.”

As corps director, all final decisions will be up to Fridmann. Jack Kujawa and Carl Vullo will handle corps business. Bob Dopler will continue as corps treasurer and Mary Fridmann as corps secretary. John Waterman and Joseph Latona are corps trustees. Jon Fridmann, the horn instructor, will also act as an advisor to the corps director.

These board members will be responsible for keeping the great tradition of having a drum and bugle corps in Western New York.

Anyone who thinks that they would like to be a part of The Alumni Drum Corps family can call Jack at 410-2682 or Carl at 450-2926.