Western New York Drum and Bugle Corps opens 2014 season

drumcorpsaquaviaThe Western New York Drum and Bugle Corps, Inc. held its first meeting of the new season at the East Dunkirk Fire Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

Corps. Director Bob Teclaw opened the meeting by thanking all the members, families and friends for a very successful season. It was a very positive meeting. The Corps discussed possible changes from last year, recruiting ideas and plans for the upcoming season. The Corps will add two new songs for next year.

Because Thursday nights presented difficulties for practicing, it was decided to try Sunday afternoons. The first practice will be held Sunday, Oct. 20 from 2 to 5 p.m. at the E. Dunkirk Fire Hall on Roberts Road.

The Corps would also like to give a special thanks to the Acquavia Post 1344 American Legion in Dunkirk for all the years they supported the Drum and Bugle Corps, as well as the other organizations the Legion has encouraged and supported. The men and women of Post 1344 are truly community-minded, with the best interest of Dunkirk’s citizens always in their hearts. Thank you!

Anyone interested in committing themselves to the 2014 Drum and Bugle Corps season can contact Business Manager Jack Kujawa at 410-2682 or send a letter with name address and phone number to P.O. Box 565, Dunkirk NY 14048. Everyone is welcome.

As seen in the paper copy of The Observer October 8, 2013


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