WNY Drum Corps season under way

WNY Drum Corps season under way

June 19, 2013
The 2013 season marks a new era for the WNY Drum Corps Inc.

A victorious spring recruiting drive, which brought in several members, helped give the Corps a positive attitude that even has the new instructors excited about the future. In fact, the recruiting drive still continues and the Corps opens its doors to all interested potential new members. The Corps has appeared in the Dunkirk Memorial Day Parade, the Marilla Firemen’s Parade, and will perform in the Mayville Fourth of July celebration, just for starters.

“Drum Corps can be a nice social experience and a good way for anyone to begin or stay active with music during the summer months. We’re a family-style all-age drum corps,” said Jack Kujawa, Corps business manager.

Submitted Photo
Pictured is the Western New York Drum Corps.

To find out about upcoming rehearsals and opportunities to become a member, call Jack at 410-2682.


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